Tell us about yourself. I was born and raised in El Salvador until I was 19, then I moved to New York and the city became my creative playground and it has  nurtured my imagination and creative vision. For a few years I worked as the Creative Director for a very important company in the Garment District where I gained experience in the Fashion, Interior Design and Bridal industries.  For the last two years I have worked independently, and that allows me to be more selective with the clients and projects I take and gives me more creative freedom and more importantly, time to create art. 


Walk us through the process of creating a drawing. Do you have an image that guides you or is is strictly from your imagination? I’m always drawing or making something, its almost like I can’t shut down my hands and brain (that also explains my website/Instagram name “miltytasking”). I doodle all the time but to create a “final” piece I am very selective. I think part of that is that I’m extremely detail oriented and, to a certain degree, a perfectionist. Sometimes I sketch something, and if it works for one of my current series I take a photograph for reference, then modify it according to what the original idea is. 

There are times when I would see a photo of someone with an overall beauty that I just simply want to translate into one of my illustrations. That was the case of the first of my wood portraits “Anna”.  Anna is a food blogger and I ran across her Instagram account, I saw a picture of her with a big scarf and a bun, and immediately wanted to draw it. I contacted her to tell her I wanted to illustrate something inspired by her and it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces.

What is the meaning behind your “Dream” drawing? “Dream” was the third of my hair studies series. These studies showcase different personalities and emotions that are represented by hair illustrations that can portrait anything from a fantasy flower crown to a shy girl trapped in a nightmare.

When I was planning the third illustration I wanted to represent the “scape from chaos” and just as my “Anna” illustration, I ran across this photo of a big messy bun and thought that it was perfect for it.

The title came a bit after when I learned about the Central American Foundation for Rural Education Development (CAFRED), this organization builds schools for underprivileged children in Central America.  These kids have big dreams but are limited by poverty and many other factors. Thanks to people like CAFRED they now have a way to make their dreams come true. Also, I believe that even when your head (or your life) is surrounded by chaos, you will always have your dreams to lead you on.
I contacted this organization to try to find a way to help and next month I will have limited edition prints of “Dream” for sale and all the profit collected from this will be donated to these children and their education.
Your attention to detail when it comes to drawing hair is exceptional. Do you feel that this is a prominent feature or a distinct way of defining your art? The detail of the hair in my drawings is definitely a strong feature of my style but more than the actual hair is the intricate work that goes into it. The feedback I have gotten with this series is really great but I’m also preparing new work  (which is not public yet) that has the same attention to detail and its not necessarily hair. I like to use techniques that allow me to work with detailed fine lines but I’m now also mixing some watercolors and paints to add more color and free form shapes, I’d like to keep some details as a surprise, so that’s all I can reveal by now.
How has living in NYC inspired your creative vision? Where do you find inspiration? New York is the best place in the world where I could live right now. There are many forms of art and design everywhere you go! I love networking and meeting new people, and just sit and have long conversations about mutual creative projects.  There are also many galleries that showcase amazing artists from different backgrounds and styles.  I try to dedicate at least one or two full days each month to walk through different galleries; it just feeds me as an artist and keeps me up to date with other’s work.

miltytaskingNYC is filled with so much fashion inspiration. Tell us how fashion has influenced your art. New York is full of people from many different cultures and so many fashion styles, which make them beautiful in their own way. I love watching people, I love watching the way they dress. You can see three different people wearing the same clothes and it can look completely unique for each of them. New York is flooded with creative individuals, you can see all these people who make their own clothes and accessories and make the streets their runway. Also, walking by all the storefronts can be really inspiring, window displays can be extremely intricate and a work of art on their own. And of course we have the best fashion exhibits such as Alexander McQueen’s “Savage Beauty” at the Met and currently “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gautier” at the Brooklyn Museum which are exciting and inspirational.

How would you describe your personal style?
 My style has to be comfortable. I move around all day and I might go from a meeting with a client to work with paint for a design prototype, and then back to another meeting. Classic basic pieces are a must in my closet, I like wearing skinny ties, spend too much in shoes and I love wearing awesome shorts all summer long.

Website and Photos: Interview: Kathleen Cerrer


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