IMG_3613The ever changing forecast in fashion is exciting, adventurous and sometimes unpredictable. The beauty of it is being able to express ourselves in the most genuine way, without lettings trends take over our identity. Taking your style down to it’s primary and natural form is beautiful. Simplicity in fashion allows one to express themselves in a pure form, letting our true selves shine. 
The body itself is like a blank canvas. A unique backdrop to whatever we choose to adorn it with. Whether it be like wild and spontaneous splatters of paint, or a straight line design drawn to each corner of the canvas, such a simple statement can make a big impact. 
Minimalism can evoke curiosity, confusion and clarity. These thoughts can ignite the imagination to go anywhere of the beholder and create their own meaning. This simple aesthetic can come off as plain and bare to others, but consists of elements from structure, texture, shape and more. A structured blazer with pronounced shoulders, a well-tailored fit and classic style presents a bold look ready to make its own statement minus the frills. 
The beauty of minimalist dressing is the limitless creativity you can have by this back to basic aesthetic. By de-cluttering and eliminating the excess or the unnecessary, a clean look is formed, which never goes out of style.
Phrases like “less is more” and “quality over quantity” have truth to them. The maximum impact of something so simple can be anything from wearing that cobalt blue, jet black or fire red statement tie or dress, putting on a blinding bold lip colour, or layering with everyday basics like the white t-shirt. This is not to say accessories and jewelry should be avoided, but keeping your look clean with a few accents can make that one clutch, ring or pair of boots stand out that much more. I find, this way of dressing can add more significance to that one star item you just want to be noticed. The most statement look of all, I find is letting yourself be the statement and living up to that saying “wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you.”
Rather than jumping from trend to trend collecting pieces you most likely won’t be wearing next season, owning these items will help you build your style and constantly allow you to create and  experiment with items you already own. Remember that just because you aren’t adding bells and whistles to your everyday looks doesn’t mean you don’t like to be daring or have fun in fashion. Investing in quality items is crucial due to the longevity and wearability you would like these items to have. The modern factor with minimalism has to do with the abstract, straight lines and at times almost empty feeling of the look. As we begin to remove the unnecessary and do away with the excess, we peel away layers and discover what the basic state of something truly is. 
This clean way of dressing or decorating also allows those new to the exciting world of fashion to experiment, and build up our identity in style and decor. The one thing we all have in common no matter what your style is,  is basics because thats where it all begins. It really is something we can’t live without and appreciating it’s value takes something so simple to be something super sophisticated. 
 Minimalism is classic, it’s timeless, and it will take your wardrobe from day to night, work to play and beyond. Let your body be the canvas and instead of a paint splattered vision, opt for a clean slate. Minimalism lets your mind run free, and lets you appreciate the beauty in simplicity both in fashion and everyday life.

Article and Photos: Kathleen Cerrer


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