Normcore. Not for me.

Call it post-traumatic fashion anarchy. Or maybe this is just a Londonista’s complete and utter shell shock at the latest trend. But I, a self confessed fashion peacock am non- Normcore.

Yep. Nomcore. It’s a buzz-word apparently – bandied around by the fash-pack and viralised by British vogue at LFW. It’s set the catwalk amongst the press pigeons. It’s set me off. 

The source:

The new york trend-forecasting agency K-HOLE. 

Their bleak tweet: ‘Normcore finds liberation in being nothing special and realises that adaptability leads to belonging’.

Think sports luxe without the luxe. Denim without the rips. Unbranded sneakers and polyfibre tees.



vogue – feb ’14!

It’s rattled my colour loving cage, sent a shiver through my Gareth Pugh Playsuit, my Choo-chakra all out of kilter. Completely. Provocative. Propaganda.

The shockwaves of this tantric tweet have trickled down into the underbelly of sacred fashiondom – bullying their way into global mags, broadsheets and blogs. I for one am not blameless in it’s reveal. But mainstream Normcore. Nooooo. 

normcore2birkenstock – ss14

Everywhere you look, Normcore talk sneaks in. And although some ‘sheep-stylists’ are embracing this plain-chic sense of sprucing. I’m loyal to my true love – London eccentricity – as if it were my first pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods. 

I’m a Londonista. Proud of my high-fashion heritage and dress codeless abandon. London is my playground and a symbol of flamboyance and fun.

noremcore3somerset house lfw ss14

It’s a place where tartan-tastic trendsetters pepper the cobbled quadrant of Somerset House. Where a pooch-mooch in Mayfair makes it acceptable for matchy-matchy florals. It’s a city rich in renegade fashionistas waiting to be papped in their new season garb. London style eccentricity is a euphemism for cool.

No place for Normcore. Londonista’s – no matter how distinctively unconventional – are celebrated. Applauded. Lapped up. Loved. 

And we’re proud of our British fashion monarchy. Most notably Dame Vivienne Westwood and Alexander Mcqueen, inspiring a universal appeal for unconformity. With our very own patron saint of stripes – Paul Smith – planted on the party pedastal.

These visionaries have breathed a luxe lustre into London street style; where Normcore is nemesis. Their unapologetic parody of British traditions – tweed, tartan, tailoring – is the very fabric of our London style. A Londonista luxe look.

 And what makes a Londonista?

A Londonista lives to be bold, to tell her fashion story without doubt. She’ll tackle stripes and plaid, florals and tribal, always brave with pattern, sometimes without. Check.

She peeks into the past, but looks to the future, her tongue firmly in her cheek. Check.

She’s inspired by, but not defined by a trend. Check. Or no check. She’s no sheep.


 susie bubble @ lfw ss14

A Londonista is let’s face it; never ever safe. She’s individual, unique. Never Normcore-al.

And Normcore? Normcore paints a dreary picture – a faceless, functional dresser. Of nameless uniformity. Void of variety. Fit for purpose. Lost in a sea of bland. Dull.

You can see where this is going…

As I hark back to the K-hole notion:

‘Normcore doesn’t want the freedom to become someone’ I’m insensed. 

Fashion is freedom. We own it. And how we choose to use our freedom is as much our statement of intent as it is a display of our outlook on life. A tame life of Normcore?

Nope. Not for me.

My reaction to those palate cleansed Normcorist’s?

To rejoice in every Brit-based, ready-to-wear print protagonist worth her poly-cottons.

Mary Katrantzou, Eleanor Dorrien-Smith and the doyenne Viviene Westwood will be my go-to.

I’ll work my Sophia Webster sling backs with pride, stumble in my Rupert Sanderson’s with my head held high.

A summer of embellishment, of print, of colour…


mary katrantzou ss14

This is my luxe wardrobe anarchy. And to Normcore and its non thrill seeking, uninspiring greige, no.

Not now. Not ever.

Words and Photos: Lorna A.

WRITER BIOGRAPHY: Having travelled for most of her twenties, Lorna is now a London based writer and art collector. In her most recent venture, she writes about her personal fashion and lifestyle in and around the capital. Lorna lives with her husband and their beloved maltese terrier.


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