Who is Argus Pargus?

{she eats bullies and draws on herself, she has 1000 eyes and pukes glitter}
she likes tentacles and gore, leather and spikes, and very loud music

How and why did you get into modelling?
☺I said I wanted to do it, and so I did it ☺


Tell us about your unique sense of personal style. What/who are you inspired by?
☽I am inspired by free spirits that do what they want and dont give a f00k~~~~!!!☾
alien children, living dolls, creepycutes, punk kids, goths, Tokyo fashion, japan japan japaaaaaan, religious figures and symbols, Lisa Frank, and me. I inspire me

There seems to be a mixture of colour and darkness in your work. Do feel that your style constantly changes, or that you have a defined look?

I think its different every time!!! I’ve been trying to be more consistent but its hard because I like so many different things!! :OOOO everything is so great!


How important is it for you to have control and direction over your own photo shoots/work?

pretty important. I generally tend to dominate a shoot because I see so much opportunity for creativity and I cant help but take advantage of it!! I must make everything more and more creative and fun~! ☺

magDo you try to convey a certain emotion or mood from your work?

mood: pizza

What are your thoughts about the growing fashion scene in Winnipeg? Any up and coming designers/talent you would recommend?

I think we need more clothing stores that sell more unique clothing! I love specialty stores like Hungover Empire and the Foxy Shoppe where you go there to shop a specific style, its really cool and I think we need more of that!! Maybe in different styles though! Give me specialty stores for the pastel goth, lolitas, ravers, baby dolls, anything to inspire people to let themselves fall in love with having fun with their clothing :) I also think Lennard Taylor is pretty cool!!! He and I have worked with each other a few times already!! He’s da bomb dot com and everyone should check him out. 

Photos: Argus Pargus Interview: Kathleen Cerrer


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