I am a 23-year-old self-taught photographer.
In my photography, I try to create dreamy scenes and stories that relate to inner feelings and emotions.


Model: Milia Wallenius
Clothing: Holi
Hairstyle: Greenlips Turku
This photograph is part of a fashion shoot I did for I really enjoyed this session because I had the freedom to build my own concept and so, I wanted the photo to reflect the themes of the clothing store: liveliness, colour, light. I thought the best way to symbolize that is to create a magic atmosphere next to the sea, with petals floating around the model, while she’s holding her beautiful dress.


I was in this place at the right moment, when the sun was shining through the wooden planks, creating a nice pattern of light. I immediately thought about a scene where one can find themselves quietly meditating over their dreams and achievements. The photograph is a mere reflection of how important dreams and fantasies are, and how one should never give up on them.


 This shot is about the choices we make in life, without being able to conceive what is going to follow. There is often insecurity and fear, but we still take on that path because it brings challenges and excitement.  


 I came up with this idea when I found some yarn in a shop and started to imagine all kinds of triangles that could be created with that. Then I thought about how we sometimes feel trapped into something, be it tough situations or difficult problems.  The geometry of the yarn is what happens in our mind: a combination of worries and doubts.


This shot is quite special because it marks the beginnings of my photography. I was sitting around in the living room one summer when I suddenly noticed different shades of red on the sky. I quickly grabbed my camera and ran to the balcony to capture it.  I found the view fascinating and overwhelming.
BIOGRAPHY: I am a Romanian self-taught photographer living in Finland. I started doing photography as a hobby a couple of years ago and my style has changed over time from travel photography to fashion and conceptual photography.  What I enjoy the most is creating imaginative and dreamy images that speak for themselves.  My purpose is to make a story come to life through each photograph.
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Words & Photos: Larisa Deac    Interview: Kathleen Cerrer

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