For a year between schooling, while I was figuring out my life, I was completely nocturnal. I worked graveyard shifts at A 24 hour cafe and morning shifts at a nearby cafe right after. When I eventually quit both jobs, I didn’t go back to normal. It was still a romantic idea to me to have the whole city to myself while everyone else was asleep. I feel like my best thoughts come to me at night, it’s quiet and exciting, and alive. I continued the nocturnal lifestyle until fashion school began.
The collection’s name has double meaning, paying homage to that formative time in my life, as well nodding to important changes that happen then. With ‘Night Shift’ we finally found our direction, it resonates more truly with our personal and ideal style and feels more streamlined than our previous seasons. We design for beautifully, messy people like ourselves who maybe don’t have it all together but love to dress well. It’s a casual without being sloppy, luxe without the pretention, and something we’re looking forward to exploring more next season.
night shift ss15






CYEOMS009Was designing clothes something you’ve always wanted to do? Tell us more about your intrigue with fashion and style. No, it never entered my mind as a possibility until I quit university. Taking courses in a subject that interested me was a new concept, so fashion wasn’t thing I allowed myself to think about because I was going to become a doctor whether I liked it or not. But I guess I didn’t like it too much, so I had to find something else. I enjoyed drawing and designing growing up but I wanted something where I wouldn’t be glued to a computer, I dove into fashion and found I loved working with my hands. Fashion was a back burner fascination growing up, I love how dynamic it is, how your identity could almost change with the style.
What influences your work? Any inspirations? 
I’m inspired by photos usually, like of an empty swimming pool, a girl with messy hair and large sleeves. I gather a bunch of these images that capture a mood I’d like to convey and work backwards from there. This season felt like a white mattress on the floor in a clean white bedroom, waking up at 3pm to a pastel blue sky, smoking a cigarette off a balcony in a boy’s oversized tee that fits better than your own.
What can we expect from you in the future? Do you see yourself dabbling into other aspects of fashion/arts?
I’ve dabbled a bit, to know that I love editorial shoots. Designing the sets, styling, coming up with the concept, all things I like to day dream about. Hopefully I can explore more of it in the future, not just for cyeoms.
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Words: Crystal Yeoms  Interview: Kathleen Cerrer


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