Daughter of Jón was born in London, spring 2013. I make bags, all sorts of them.
I like reinventing classic shapes with unusual natural materials and strong colours.
Designing handbags is like creating little sculptures. You can use all sorts of fabrics and leathers as well as stronger materials such as metals and use heavy tools like hammers. Also, you are not constrained by the body, anyone can wear any handbag, whatever shape or size they are. So handbags are universal objects but at the same time they are also the most personal accessory you can have, your private den in the public space.
I like to recreate these tensions in my designs by matching contrasts and proportions. Raw textures and classic designs, elegant shapes and striding colours, unusual materials and natural proportions.
NY COLLECTABLES: Earlier this year I spent some time in New York and I loved it so much I decided to make a few bags of fabrics and materials I found there. My treasure hunt began in the Garment District in Midtown Manhattan and came together in my studio in Hackney/London.
“NYC Collectables” is a limited edition, the second in the “Collectables’ Series after the “Market Collectables”. The “Collectables” Series feature bags with simple designs and fabrics I have collected from special places around the world I visited and loved.
Golden Pleated Tote Bag:
The material for this bag is hands down one of the craziest I’ve ever seen, it was love at first sight. I found it in the Garment District in New York. It looks fun both on the inside and the outside, I liked playing with it and pleating it to turn it into a wearable sculpture.
gold pleatedGrey Tote Bag:
I was instantly attracted and fascinated by the touch of this material. It’s strong and resilient but feels like paper. While I was working on the bag, I kept folding it together in a feast sized ‘paper’ ball. The more wrinkled it got, the more I liked it.


Gold and Silver Purses Small:
I just had one thought. You’ll find them instantly wherever you keep them.



Blue Backpack:
With this one all I wanted to do was to create a urban playful little backpack. The shiny material makes for a nice contrast to the sporty cut and gives it some elegance. I always like creating clashes in my designs.



MARKET COLLECTABLES: I created a special collection called ‘Market Collectables’. It’s market bags made of fabrics I’ve been collecting from all kinds of street markets from around the world over the past 10 years. From Reykjavik to Berlin, from Ankara to Barcelona via Vienna to London.
Ankara Black Silver Tote
I visited Ankara many years ago. I was strolling through the city where I accidently stumbled upon a fabric market. There’s a lot of sparkles going on in that city. That’s what inspired me to give this bag the metallic look.


Barcelona Yellow Grey Tote
I lived in Barcelona for six and a half years. On weekends I often visited the market ‘Els Encants’ where I found a lot of materials that I collected over the years. When I went through my fabric piles from the last 10 years for this collection, this material caught my eye immediately. And how can it not! This one was born as a self-confidence boosting bag. I think it worked.
White iPad Sleeve
Purity was what I was after with this design. I chose to combine this super soft leather with fish leather in it’s natural colour. Fish leather is one of my favorite materials and it’s recycled which makes it sustainable. The fish skin waste from fish factories gets transformed into this beautiful exotic looking leather. I get it from Iceland where I’m from. This material is a huge part of my brand.



DESIGNER Biography
Daughter of Jón was born in London, spring 2013. 
I studied fashion design and tailoring but pretty soon discovered that I didn’t really enjoy tailoring because I didn’t like creating for the body and being constrained by its shape and size.
And that’s when I fell in love with handbags.
I grew up in Reykjavik and Vienna and then moved to Barcelona where I lived for a long time. I’ve mixed up bits from all these places in my designs: the raw elements of Iceland, the flair of Vienna, the playfulness and colour of Barcelona’s street life. And now London is bringing it all together.
Find more: http://www.daughterofjon.com
Text: Hedi Jonsdottir   Interview: Kathleen Cerrer

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