What’s your advice on finding well-tailored clothing?

Look for these three qualities: Fabric |Cut |Design.


Talk about your current campaign for A/W 2014/2015.

Calm | Silent |Order were the main inspirations.

This collection CUT ME is very different than the previous one. There are no strong and loud patterns that you can see from first view – but you can see more by looking inside at the linings… like with women, so much within. Fabric is most important; fabrics deliver a feeling and direction for cut and design.Then for this collection, I chose a delicate colour pallette; sweet vanilla, black coal, stone, and hints of rose powder, wine, copper – tones to complement female complexions.


Background of  EST by ES.

The name comes from a story in Paris I was with my friend who is a stylist working on the first press presentation and we were thinking about the name.

ESTby ES. is a combination of my surname (ES from Sobiczewska) and the word EAST but in French (EST), because I come from eastern Europe. So the name of ESTby ES. is an international combination.

Before ESTby ES. I was studding fashion design at the Academy of Art. I have experience in costume designing for theatre in Paris as well, styling catwalk, fashion shooting & advertisement.


What kind of woman do you have in mind when designing clothes?

(Not focusing on the overly strong or independent woman – like many designers), ESTby ES. is… just a natural woman in the crowd looking for simple clothes which will show her personality but in a very simple way.

I am always thinking about woman’s body – what it brings, what is shapes. What women wants to show, and what she wants to be more subtle, this is my key. Also no pinpointing on age, my oldest client was in her “second youth”… 70 years old. I believe, that all my collection has its owners – but they have to meet at the same place and time.


How does modern, minimal wear attract attention?

It is all about combination three things: textile | cut | finish.

Everything is important, everything should be well reconsidered. Even the small details can change the whole project. So it takes more time to design really simple piece.

It is like climbing… very slowly, very carefully.  And you have to know when stop. For me saying, “stop” is the most difficult.


Discuss functional fashion. Which pieces do you find most versatile?

Skirts with pockets that you can style and wear in many ways. We know this from ESTby ES. customer and from my personal wardrobe, i.e. our style called MORE is with pockets hiding in horizontal cut, were you can keep your smartphone, lipstick, pen and many small things! And thanks to the tulip shape of the skirt it flatters your hips and thighs. A fit above the waist is complementary – it makes the woman taller.


For someone transitioning into a more simple wardrobe, which pieces would you recommend and why?

I think it will be easy to start with dress because you have one piece. If you choose dress with longer sleeves you don’t have to worry what to put on. You are ready. Just like that. Of course – the black dress could be the easiest. Good shape, interesting cut and fabric – you do not need anymore “stage direction”.

THAT jacket – a classic well cut jacket that can be worn with jeans or simple trousers, & a good T-shirt.

Photos:     Interview: Kathleen Cerrer


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