croké material


DESIGN STUDIO, aims to be a platform for the provision of designing environments, designing furniture, accessories, lighting and consulting. This will be a forum for generating ideas, innovation, transforming spaces and designing new concepts. The exchange and sharing of knowledge are crucial, and as new partnerships are an ever-present goal.

The accuracy, professionalism, creativity, dedication and commitment are the assumptions that Design Studio Hugo Ribeiro, implements in all its projects.

HUGO RIBEIRO is a young designer, graduated in Design Environments at ESAD (School of Art & Design) of Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, in 2013. He showed a taste for various types of materials, combining them in different ways and combining the colour to create appealing objects and large contrast. This trend is revealed today in its projects through games of colour and materials which Hugo Ribeiro combines in an original way.

croké structure

“I’ve always by attracted to re-used material, gathering natural resources and value them by their natural characteristics. I believe that creating new “mixed” designs is the best way to lead people for a better and sustainable mentality.

detail 1

For me, every project starts with a “Once upon a time…” and through forms, materials, ideas, … the story naturally unfolds. At the end, the result is a new project with a natural plot.

For example the “Croke” is based on the shape of a typical Portuguese stool. The wrappings are old plastic bags that had many trips and certainly a life “full” of stories and groceries.


croké use

I combine the two using the crochet technique, reusing the plastic and creating a colorful effect around the stool, making a statement that every material can have a new cycle of usage.

detail 3

All my other projects try to transmit the same sustainable message: “ Agaphanto” a lamp made from cork and a plant called agapanthus; “Claw”, a pen holder made of wax, “Notebook” made of paper pulp, among others.” – Hugo Ribeiro

Check out more of Hugo’s designs

Interview: Kathleen Cerrer


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