Our Mission: We are an inspired strategic marketing and communications team dedicated to spreading the word of health every day.
Our Vision: Our vision is to be Canada’s most sought-after healthy marketing company; to be the catalyst for business success because we believe in our clients’ brands limitless value.
Our goal for the province of Manitoba is to have a healthy, happy, engaged community. We want to make people’s lives better, and one part of that betterment is through health and wellness. We are truly engaged in the community, and our experience in both business and sport allow us to see a future of endless opportunity and possibility in the niche area of Healthy Marketing.
At Fit Communications we build strong relationships with our clients in the areas of health, fitness, sport and wellness.
As sisters, we know the strength of relationships and how important they are – both personally and in business. We want to learn with you. Listen to you. Grow with you. Dream big with you. We are inspired by our clients every day – the passion they have for their business is admirable. We feed off their energy and combine it with our love of sport and business. We are action and results oriented, based on sound strategy and experience. We are creative in both thought and tactics, and achieve only the very best solutions for our clients.


What is Fit Communications and what services do you offer?
At Fit Communications we are a marketing and communications company who focuses on working with businesses and organizations in the area of health. Be it fitness, nutrition, sport or wellness, we strive to spread the world of health each and every day. In terms of services we offer, we do branding, design, advertising plans, marketing and communications plan, public relations, social media, event management, media relations, business consultation, brainstorm facilitation, content development/writing, and team building workshops.
No matter what service we do for our clients, we are always starting from a strategic plan. Strategy is imperative when it comes to marketing – knowing who your audience is, what is important to them, and conveying your message to them in a thoughtful, strategic fashion is the only way to accomplish exceptional results. Phylicia Rashad once said “Any time women come together with a collective intention, it’s a powerful thing. Whether it’s sitting down making a quilt, in a kitchen preparing a meal, in a club reading the same book, or around the table playing cards, or planning a birthday party, when women come together with a collective intention, magic happens.” We feel the same way about business.
How did starting this business come about?
We recognized a need for healthy businesses and organizations to improve on their branding, messaging and marketing in the Canadian market. After working in the business world collectively for over 25 years, we decided to put our energy and focus into Fit Communications. There are so many wonderful businesses in Canada with terrific products and services as they relate to health. However, so many of them aren’t able to brand themselves and market themselves to the best of their ability. That is where we come in. We work closely with our passionate clients to help them get their positive message out to the masses while helping their business’ bottom line grow. We are very good at what we do and it shows in our work.
Why the health/nutrition focus?
Health and nutrition has been a part of our lives since day one.
As sisters, we grew up in a household that was very supportive of us being involved in fitness and sport. Moreover, nutrition was something we learned about at our family dinner table. It is something we still talk about at our family dinner tables today. We are very passionate about our own health and the health of those we love. Inspiring people to live a healthy life is truly one of the best blessings you can give someone. To live a happy, healthy and long life, fitness and good nutrition are imperative. We are so passionate about it that there really would be no other option for us – it is what we live and breath every day.
In December on 2013 we lost our mom to a horrific and courageous battle with cancer. Seeing her in such agony almost broke us. It has since inspired us even more to be the best that we can be, and part of that is paying good attention to our personal exercise and nutrition goals. And we want to share these learnings with as many people as possible to hopefully inspire more people to live a healthy life.
Tell us about the workshops you offer. What can people expect at these workshops? Can we expect more on different topics in the future?
Currently we offer three workshops:
Social Media Sessions for Athletes, Parents and Coaches – this one brings awareness to athletes and their parents and coaches about building their own personal brand online, why it is important and what they can do to make their best to showcase their athletic career.
 Cyber-bullying – one in five Canadians have experienced cyber-bullying in the last 12 months. We want to bring this topic to the forefront in both sporting environments and at schools. We talk about what it means, the various consequences of it, and tactics for those being affected by it to take.
Team Building – as retired athletes, we know how important team work is when working towards a goal. We take the athlete approach to team work and bring it to corporate and business teams to strengthen their unit. By getting out of the board room and into action is a fun and new way to look at the traditional strategic planning.
If you had to choose one health tip for people to integrate into our lives today, what would it be?
Get active each and every day. Find an activity that you love and bring it to your life each day. I have never left the gym and said to myself “that sucked” or “that sure was a waste of time”. I always feel better physically and mentally after physical activity. It brings clarity to the mind, strength and stability to the body, and improves self esteem. Once you begin to LOVE your body, you will see treating it incredibly well is THE only option. You will work out because you love your body. You will eat healthy because you love how it makes you feel. You will make decisions about wellness and health because you love yourself too much to do anything but.



How has both of your backgrounds helped in starting Fit Communications?
Allison’s experience as an international athlete brings forth a work ethic and a tremendous attitude to everything she does. She understands that you need to work hard and work smart for success, and by doing so you will bring wonderful things into your life. Her ‘inside scoop’ as to how the world of sport works allows for her to understand the real issues and needs of our clients.
Her background in finance makes her the ‘budget master’ when working with clients and ensuring their bottom line is a key priority. And her communications and public relations education and experience not only allows for us to garner great exposure for our clients, but also for Fit Communications brand and goals. We really do want Canadians to be healthier, and spreading the word of health each and every day is what we love to do.
Andrea is an extremely positive and passionate person. This comes across in every aspect of her life including business. These qualities coupled with her talent and experience in marketing make for a dynamic and energized professional always striving for clients’ success.
She gives 100% of her attention and focus to listening, understanding and believing in clients’ goals and dreams. No dream is unattainable, no goal is too big. Developing internal and external marketing and communication plans for local and national companies has given her the knowledge and experience needed to launch Fit Communications into success. Andrea lives her life the way she hopes to help others become – healthy, inspired and positive.


Andrea Katz 
An Honors graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor of Arts double major in Psychology and Sociology, Andrea Katz continued her education in the business world. Graduating top of her class from Red River College’s Business Administration program where she majored in Marketing and minored in Advertising, Andrea brings a diverse skill set to all of her projects and work endeavors.
Andrea is fearless in her commitment to understanding client needs, and responding to them with creativity and ingenuity. By engaging in a seemingly casual — yet probing — conversation with an individual or group, she has won a reputation for listening; for insight; and for developing effective, strategically focused solutions. She has an innate ability to turn nay-sayers into believers, the creativity to be continually generating new ideas with unprecedented enthusiasm, and the wisdom to break down complex objectives and turn them into tangible goals.
Andrea’s lifetime commitment to sport and fitness is partnered with her professional talents in order to bring success to the niche market of health and wellness with FIT Communications.
Allison Gervais
Graduating with Honors from the University of Manitoba with a major in Sociology and minor in Psychology, Allison understands of behaviors of individuals, groups and society is a great asset to this team. She furthered her education graduating from the University of Winnipeg’s Public Relations and Communications program, where she was then asked to teach within the program thereafter.
An international synchronized swimming competitor, Allison’s competitive athletic background coupled with fifteen years of work experience in finance and communications proves that hard work and dedication can take you everywhere. Team work is imperative to Allison’s work style – she is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations and is a team leader that listens to goals and knows how to create a strategic communications plan to get you there.
An experienced executive director, public relations expert, and enthusiastic coach and trainer, Allison has extensive experience developing tactical programs, motivating individuals and groups and writing for various media outlets. Her education in public relations delved deeply into communication strategies for integral internal and external corporate communications. This, in addition to her experience in the finance world, makes her a very savvy business professional with a high degree of market knowledge.
Always enthusiastic, dynamic and committed to her projects, she keeps on top of trends and constantly is looking for ways to provide better services to her clients. Her creativity, innovativeness and particularly her attention to detail in communications planning are phenomenal. A brilliant communicator, she has excellent rapport with peers and clients and is able to help everyone see the benefit of supporting her and the projects she is undertaking.

Woman Lifting Weight

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 Words and Photos:  Interview: Kathleen Cerrer 


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