What is it about product design and architecture that inspires you?
Design is something that is all around us. design will always be a massive contributing factor to not only your physical experiences, but your emotional experiences too. Take, for instance, A conventional chair that comes with four legs for stability, a flat surface for you to sit on, and an angular structure that is usually made of wood. When you sit on this chair, it barely scratches the surface of an average experience.
As a product designer, I’m the one who designs chairs to have, maybe wheels on the bottom so you can easily move about, maybe a cushioned surface for a bit of extra added comfort, and maybe a more curved and organic structure so that it feels like the chair is holding you in a warm embrace. Combining all these aspects together is bound to make the end-user a lot happier, and it’s this happiness that inspires me to design. I have the power to create objects that give people joy and hopefully, improve on their quality of life.
Where do you get your design inspiration?
 I look towards more natural structures in my designs. This is shown perfectly in my Doridoki Chair, which was inspired by organic elements such as leaves and plants. This type of design is called biomimicry, and can be seen used on products like velcro, which was inspired by the tiny hooks that feature on burr seeds. In terms of aesthetics, I’m a huge fan of clean, minimalist design. 


What kind of products and projects can we expect in the future?
I’m currently developing a product that I believe can save thousands of lives. It’s still under wraps, so stay tuned!
 How do you incorporate your love of fashion into your work?
there are seasons in the product design industry, similar to the fashion world. Trends can be in for a certain period but can be out by the next, and my love of fashion helps keep me on my toes.
Style and aesthetics are also aspects that are exceedingly important in both industries, so knowledge of aesthetics in fashion can help in the development of a product’s final look. my writing on fashion helps me explain my points in a more eloquent manner. This is also helped by the fact that in many ways, fashion is a product in itself.


 Why sneakers and t-shirts? 
 I love t-shirts simply because they’re so versatile, and I love sneakers because they’re just so comfortable. I also love the way you can run in them, but also wear them with a tux. my most coveted sneakers as of now would probably be the Yeezy Boost 350 Black. They’re Kanye West’s second model developed with adidas Originals, and since their announcement to the world at New York Fashion Week back in February, everyone has been talking about these kicks. 
 How would you recommend styling these items in a timeless way?
I actually have collages on my blog that aid in the styling of these items. My most recent collage focuses on wearing sneakers with a suit. It pairs a plain black suit from River Island with bold, red pieces, like a leather wallet from COMME des GARÇONS, a plain beanie from Nixon, and a pair of incredible sneakers that are the brainchild of adidas Originals and the influential Japanese fashion designer, Yohji Yamamoto. 
Describe the fashion and design scene in ireland. 
the fashion game in Ireland is quite strong. More and more fashion boutiques are popping up all over Dublin and Belfast There has been a dramatic increase of new design companies in the country in the past five years, and although it’s not much compared to cities like London and New York, we’re definitely getting somewhere!
TELL US ABOUT Paper & Pistachio.
Paper & Pistachio is a business my girlfriend and I founded in the summer of 2015. We both absolutely love minimalist design, so with my calligraphy and her graphic design skills, we created a small startup that focuses on the making of well-designed paper goods. Currently, we’re still in the process of making our products, but we’re both extremely excited and passionate about launching. 
BioGRAPHY: Adam Cheung is a fashion blogger at COMME DES VOGUĘDOWn and product design student at Ulster University in Northern Ireland.  WWW.COMMEDESVOGUEDOWN.COM /  Instagram http://WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/HELLOMINIMALhe has designed and developed the Doridoki Chair (which is a chair that can be used in three different ways like a coffee table and a bench), the Vrooom Disability Trike (which gives children with motor function disabilities like cerebral palsy the chance to be independent and have fun), and the Tikø Activity Tracker Watch (which is a wristwatch that combines advanced activity tracking technologies with simple, Scandinavian design).

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