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Working as a stylist and being a part of the fashion industry has always given me the advantage of knowing trends before they hit the stores. And with that extra edge, it’s super fun and exciting to plan out my future customers’ outfits. They’ll sometimes get completely weirded out with some suggestions  I make (since they still haven’t seen them anywhere) but only later will they realize how on point I’d actually been. I love that!

Following trends isn’t easy, for multiple reasons. First, it gets demanding to keep up with rapid changes in cuts and colours, and secondly – you need to have a pretty hefty budget to keep everything just so. Still, no reason to despair – with careful planning of everything and knowledge on how to actually look for trends, you’ll be good.

That being said, I am giving you some of my favorite trends for men that will rock the streets this season. Be worn – they are edgy, feminine-inspired, and fabulous. Oh, like you mind!


The army of fashion

The summer of 2016 is all about different shades of green and khaki. Military is huge this season, although not the pattern per se, but rather military shades of green. Cuts imitating kimonos, loose or fitted shirts and pants/shorts in this colour will definitely grab the spotlight. Even green on green combos are encouraged!


Lace will soften it

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Yes, this season – men are encouraged to embrace the lace! Lace shirts combined with edgier pieces like tailored jackets or bomber jackets will kill it, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


It's all about leather accessories

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That rock vibe we all know and love is popular this season, with no signs of going anywhere for a long time. Leather goods for men like bracelets, one shoulder bags or rucksacks will be the hit this summer, so make sure you buy your own piece and show it off!


Hats for dappers

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Expect everything from ascot caps, barretinas, dropped turbans, fedoras and flat caps to the homburg, trilby, porkpie and wide flat brim hats to be super popular and hot! Let’s not forget about beanie love and baseball chic!


Baggy trousers and all the chill

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Baggy, baggy, baggy, yes! We’ve witnessed the rise of Samurai fashion last season and this  is its brother trend. Combined with a loose or tight shirt, an oversized pant can look superbly chic. If you are wearing it for a casual outing, combine this look with flip flops or sandals, which will make all the difference.


Shoes are cool

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One thing never changes – the love for shoes, in both female and male department. Truth is, for the footwear of summer 2016, not much has changed, so we’re still in love with the classic cuts with twists like interesting embroidery and a semi-feminine vibe. It’s obvious designers are experimenting with androgyny of clothes, pushing the lines of women’s and men’s wear, and we dig it!

This season expect sneakers with inflated bootleg, gumshoes with high platform, sandals, men’s slip on shoes made from dense fabric or denim, sandals without straps and men’s dress shoes without laces.

Popular colours are burnt leaves, aquamarine, purple and basic white. Again, military style will be relevant in footwear – not just clothes.

What will be most loved are models of men’s shoes with perforations. Regardless of any trends, one of the mandatory requirements for men’s footwear is the ability for the feet to “breathe” during hot season so designers made sure there is no oversight there.

Words: Peter Minkoff