Founder Magda Daniloaia chats with FORME on functional fashion for the modern woman.
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What is The Changing Factor?
The Changing Factor is a luxury label focusing on accessories and a society of modern women. But we truly like to think of The Changing Factor as much more than a fashion brand, we are a movement and we are a community.

What inspired you to start the company?
Fashion is a great way to say who you are and who you want to be without saying a word. Women all over the world are finally starting to have, more or less depending on where they are located, the same opportunities as men do and supporting them in this exciting journey is the core of our motivation. We want to help them express who they really are and whom they can be – powerful, successful, beautiful individuals.

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It’s refreshing to see so much positivity from The Changing Factor. Tell us about how this has influenced the movement for modern women.
We truly believe it is women’s turn in the world to show what amazing things they are able to achieve and we want to be here for them on their journey to success, through our inspiring content on our blog and social media and also through #theuntamedclub – the community of modern, ambitious women that we are now forming. We’ll start with our blog and the online community but we are aiming really high with this project, we hope to have events and talks in the future to inspire women all over the world!
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Finding functional fashion with a purpose is not always easy to find. Tell us what to expect in the current collection?
We are currently offering luxury leather goods but we will soon be introducing t-shirts to the collection! We will have one to two main collections of accessories per year and several capsule collections of different items. We have very non-traditional retail seasons which works with our customers and we believe keeps things very exciting – the way we like them!
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The pieces are such statement pieces. What inspired the designs?
We are generally inspired by everything geometric and architectural, and anything with a rebellious touch. We like to mix different references in our collections. The Alien Collection is a mix of the awe-inspiring architectural work of Santiago Calatrava and a lot of elements, more intellectual than visual, from the DADA art movement, ending up looking slightly punk – which is actually very relevant to what we wanted to create – an homage to the modern woman, who says no to and questions the status quo. I think my favourite part of collection is the fact that although the design is complex and, we dare say, unique – the handbags are also incredibly practical. The needs of the modern woman have been considered and we included elements like elastic bands to hold technology or documents in place, pockets for various things like cards, phones, pens, make-up and also a pocket at the back to keep phone and travel cards for women on the go. We believe we achieved a great balance of exciting design and usability.
It’s incredible to know that you donate to charities that empower and encourage women. Tell us about your involvement.

The charities will focus on women’s issues, such as young girls education, charities that fight against domestic abuse or sexual abuse, charities that help women get into work, etc. We believe this project will be extremely rewarding for everyone involved, we are so excited!

What’s next for The Changing Factor?
In the near future we are launching our t-shirt collection which is really fun but always with a message. In the longer term we are really excited about what we will be able to do through #theuntamedclub and also our partnerships with different charities. Generally, expect new, interesting things all the time – we will live up to our name and be a ‘changing factor’ – we promise to keep you on your toes!

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Photos courtesy The Changing Factor.

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