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about alla

Native Russian, I discovered my vocation as an artist through my studies in literature and philosophy. As a result,  my art juxtaposes the visual with the philosophical, the subjective with the universal. Colour, texture and idea/emotion coalesce in a visual interplay in my artwork. Both my abstract painting and photography combine spontaneity of experimentation as well as conceptual planning to evoke responses from my viewers. 

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forme: What inspired you to be an artist?

alla: I am an artist, a wife, a mother, an educator, and a human being  who is passionate about life and art. Being a native Russian, born in Moscow, I am a natural cosmopolitan. I feel that I can relate to and live in pretty much any culture. It is perhaps this multicultural appreciation of anything creative that inspired me to express myself artistically as well. My father,  a classical singer and educator,  also greatly encouraged my artistic pursuits.

forme: What’s the arts & culture scene like in Moscow? What other places have influenced your craft?

alla: My favuorite cities that informed my art would be Moscow, London and New York City where I lived at different stages in my life. Dramatic theatre tradition of London with its most innovative and thought-provoking experimental Fringe performances, abstract expressionism and urban architectural futurism of New York City as well as multifaceted classical music heritage, literature, and ground-breaking artistic avant-garde art of Moscow – all of that added to the diverse palette of my creative sensibilities.

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forme: What is it that draws you to create?

alla: Creativity for me derives from the urge to see the things in an unexpected way, to dare to question the rigid assumptions about beauty, meaning, and perception.  The juxtaposition between the spontaneity of vision or technique and the solidity of  preexisting concept begins my creative process. I love the balance between what I plan to create and what I allow to unravel as an artist. It is is a dialogue between a thinker and creator in me. It is a controlled chaos that stretches some truly mystical or transcendental layers of being.

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forme: How did you get into painting/involved in other mediums?

alla: It is through literature and philosophy that I studied to receive my Ph.D that I discovered my passion to render my ideas or feelings in a visual form. It took me years though to finally accept my vocation as an artist while still maintaining my teaching at a college and raising a family. Words, images, sounds and life itself in its multilayered tangle of beauty, struggle,  irony, luck, and wonder are the inexhaustible well of inspiration for my art. My artistic explorations bring together the boldness of texture, the richness of colour and the depth of emotional or conceptual dimension. In my art, colour, texture and idea/feeling create a visual narrative that aims to invite the viewers on a journey to rediscover or rethink the meaningful facets in ourselves or in our world. My artwork is a story of a human existential condition, of the boundaries/borders of our perception and understanding, the power and vulnerability of our desire to know the unknowable.

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forme: Tell us about your current collection and the techniques used.

alla: Experimentation with new mediums, new materials, new techniques and new ideas push me to never get too satisfied in my artistic “comfort zone.” I see every new art series as an adventure,  unknown and thrilling. As in life, adventure in art tests my strengths and reveals my weaknesses so I can grow as an artist, ever becoming. 

forme: Most of your creations have an abstract aesthetic. Tell us more about this style.

alla: As an abstract painter, I am drawn to non-representational aesthetic for the emotional intensity, conceptual density, and technique diversity that it allows an artist to experiment with. I see abstraction as an invitation to an endless conversation. Plasticity of meaning rendering and freedom of  image creation in abstract art are magnetic to me.

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forme: There are so many beautiful landscapes in your photography. We love nature! What is the process like of capturing these images?

alla: As in my abstract painting,  I explore in my photography the borders and boundaries between what is seen and what is felt.  Even though both nature and urban landscape inspire my creative process, it is my imagination that ultimately creates the image. I take pictures mostly spontaneously, with a raw awareness and alertness to what I see. However, how I see it and what it evokes in me through associative thinking are the constituents that define the final photo image.

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forme: Is your work subjective?

alla: My art is a visual narrative that is both subjective and evocative. I share my subjective truths and discoveries with the hope to evoke responses from my audience. My art is an open-ended dialogue with my viewers about life, understanding, meaning, and perception.


forme: What do you currently have in the works?

alla: I always try to stay busy, creating. Some collaborations and individual mixed media projects are in the making. I am also working on finishing an experimental multidisciplinary series for an art gallery. 

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