Painting good vibes with Papertint

Artist Larisa Deac has previously been feature in FORME for her stunning photography. Currently she has a new and exciting project called Papertint. Read on and find out how she’s spreading positivity with her art.


How you were inspired to start Papertint

Papertint is an art brand I created as a way to share my abstract paintings with the world. I started painting in Finland because of a need to fill my surroundings with creative energy. In the long months of winter in Finland, the sky is grey a lot of the time and it affects people’s mood. It affected mine too, and I wanted to change that by painting artworks that are inspired from vibrant colours and warmer places I get to visit. So when I moved to New York a few months ago, I came up with Papertint.

Today Papertint is an online store where everyone around the world can go and find something they like for themselves. 


Talk about your inspiration as an artist

Painting is a space for emotion and each piece has a story of its own. It could be about a feeling I have in that day, the light in the summer sky or the big waves in the ocean. I saw the ocean for the first time in Portugal and I remember feeling immersed in that view. This subject comes back to my works a lot particularly because the ocean colours evoke such joy and happiness. 


What is the process like creating a new work of art?

I start creating by layering paint so I can give the artwork a certain depth and I always have a colour palette already in mind. I’m also interested in how different shapes work together on canvas, and what you can build from a simple brushstroke. The result is sometimes close to what I had imagined and other times surprisingly different if I maybe decided to change something along the way. 

When I create the paintings, I imagine them transforming a space in a way that they would allow people looking at them to feel more focused and more inspired. I want them to feel the same kind of warmth I feel when I paint.  

All the artworks on Papertint online store are original paintings made with acrylics. The materials range from canvas to textured paper to wood panels.


Because being positive and sharing good vibes is a big part of what Papertint is, 10% of every purchase on the website will go to a charity cause of the buyer’s choice. I hope the paintings will convey joy to others and bring positive energy to their surroundings.


Artist Bio:


I grew up in Romania and have lived in Portugal, Finland and United States. I love different cultures and working in international projects. Each city I’ve lived in has its own charm. I think maybe New York City has the most creative energy I’ve ever felt, because everyone seems to be so involved in passion projects and it really motivates you to try and pursue what you want. 



Instagram: @papertint 



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